First Week

I have this afternoon off work so I thought I’d take the chance to update you on what’s been happening in the last week. On Friday I moved up to Bradford, to the house that I’ll be sharing with three other girls, who are also CAP interns. I spent most of the weekend settling in, meeting some of the other interns and trying out a church. My house is about a 15 minute walk from the CAP offices and is on the same road as two other intern houses. This means that there are 11 of us quite close together, so we had a head start on getting to know people.

We started work at CAP on Monday and were welcomed in by all the head office staff. There are 22 of us on the intern programme here, and it has been wonderful to see the variety of different places, backgrounds and experiences that we have all come from. There are interns from every country where CAP currently operates, with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada represented as well as interns from across the UK. Most of the week has been spent in various induction and training sessions (of course including the delightful health and safety video…). At times it has been a bit overwhelming with a lot of information thrown at us and lots of names and faces to learn. But everyone so far has been really friendly and welcoming. Once a week we spend a day with just interns, called a ‘reach day’ (reach is the name of the intern programme in case you’re wondering), which happened yesterday. It was a good chance to get to know each other on a deeper level with time spent sharing some of our testimonies.

With all the general training and introduction sessions, we haven’t spent much time in our departments, but from what I’ve seen I feel like I’m in the right team and am looking forward to getting stuck in. I am in the ‘Creditor Liaison Unit’ (CLU) and we deal with all things to do with creditors. I will spend my first few weeks with the new client team, sorting through all the financial information collected from our clients, and inputting it onto our systems so they can start either repaying their debts or pursuing another route such as bankruptcy.

CAP have been keen to stretch us right from the very start with a lot of talk already about our fundraising (the £3000 we have to raise as part of the year) and how important it is that we reach our target. CAP don’t receive any money from the government and so the majority of their funding comes from a network of over 21,000 Christians across the UK, who give monthly to support CAP (they are called the ‘Life Changers’ network, it’s amazing how quickly these words have become part of our vocabulary). CAP currently have 233 debt centres in various churches around the UK, providing debt counselling to people trapped in the cycle of debt. But in order to provide nationwide coverage they need 500 centres  (at the moment people have to be turned away because there isn’t a centre in their area). So CAP is always looking to expand and in order to do that, they have to keep finding more ‘life changers’ to support the work. This means the culture of fundraising and finding life changes is very much central to working at CAP, which can be a little intimidating when you’re brand new and hate asking people for money. But hopefully it’ll get easier with time. Let me know if you can help in anyway or have any ideas or encouragement!

Personally, I’ve found this past week quite challenging- being in a new place, with new people and a new job- takes a lot of getting used to. Then add into that having several thousand pounds to raise hanging over you, then you can see how that might be stressful. I’m still recovering from the summer and am finding things can get on top of me quite quickly, especially as I’m exhausted from all the change. I’m definitely missing all the friends I’ve left down south. I know God wants me to do this and be here, and that He will provide me with what I need, but it’s a bit of a struggle at the moment.

Prayer requests:

  • Generally settling in and forming real and honest friendships here.
  •  Wisdom about churches- I think I’ve found a church that I want to settle at but could do with guidance or confirmation that this is where God wants me to be.
  • Fundraising- I’m finding this particularly stressful at the moment, so am in need of peace here, wisdom as to what to do and who to ask, and that I would really see God’s provision in this area.

Thankyou for reading, and for all the prayers and support. Do keep in touch and text or message me, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S This video gives a little outline about how the CAP works just in case you’re not sure what I’m on about.


One thought on “First Week

  1. Fran says:

    Fantastic blog . So well written . Check out Bethel church’s song ‘God I look to you’ and ‘Deep cries to deep’ , pray the lyrics bless you . Praying for you, will be at the CAP conference this weekend . Say hi to Sam ( fellow Reach intern from me :D’

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