A Little Explanation

On 2nd September 2013 I will be starting a year-long internship with the charity Christians Against Poverty up in Bradford. CAP are a national charity who work through local churches, offering top quality debt counselling and practical help, to those trapped in unmanageable debt.  By negotiating with creditors and drawing up realistic repayment plans, they enable people to pay off their debts in a reasonable amount of time and become debt-free. In short CAP offer, those stuck in the cycle of debt, a hope and a solution.

I first came across CAP through a talk at my church, and after looking into their work further I took part in a months work experience with them last summer. I was impressed with the way that they did everything to the highest possible standard and their passion to reach everyone burdened by debt and set them free. I could see that this was an organisation that was bringing hope to people in a practical way, and decided I wanted to get involved. Hence why I am packing up my life and moving all the way up to Bradford to work for CAP for a year.

The internship combines management and leadership training with work in one of CAP’s departments. I will be working in the department that liaises with creditors on behalf of the clients, to negotiate stopping interest and charges on debts, and agree repayment plans. I am hoping that I will be able to use some of my skills as a mathematician, and gain some insight into how the finance industry operates.

As part of my year with CAP I have been set the challenge to raise £3000 for the charity, which feels like a terrifying prospect. With the generous help of many people I have so far raised £700 and am trying to trust God that he will provide the rest.

I feel confident that this is what God wants me to do and I am excited (if a little scared) to see what he has in store for me. I know it will be a year that will push me far out of my comfort zone and will hopefully help me to grow as a person and in my faith. As I embark on this new adventure I hope to use this blog to keep you up to date with how it’s going and what I’m learning on the journey. I value all your support and prayers and am grateful to have so many people behind me as I enter this next chapter of my life.


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